Protecting Your Skin: Insights from Dr. Rebecca Hellen on Dublin City FM
The conversation shed light on the alarming rise in skin cancer cases in Ireland and offered practical advice on how to safeguard our skin against harmful UV rays. The need to protect our skin cannot be overstated. Dr. Hellen emphasized that skin cancer, while highly preventable, can have serious consequences if not addressed early. Protection from UV radiation is the most effective way to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer. This includes daily use of sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and seeking shade during peak sun hours.
International Nurses Day 2024
At AllView Healthcare, we're celebrating International Nurses Day by thanking our incredible nurses, who are our everyday heroes. Your kindness, dedication, and hard work bring comfort and care to our patients and make a real difference in our community. Today, we want to recognise your amazing contributions and let you know how much we appreciate everything you do. Thank you for being the heart of AllView Healthcare!
Excited to be speaking at the 20th National Health Summit!
Join me on 7th February at the iconic Croke Park as we dive into the future of healthcare. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and be part of the conversation shaping the healthcare landscape.
The Economic Aspects of Teledermatology
Waiting lists for dermatological services are unacceptably high and are proving very persistent. The situation is likely to worsen as demographic and climate-related factors push up the incidence of skin cancer over the coming years. Stakeholders believe the system is in crisis, but that there are proven remedies. The role of teledermatology in reducing waiting lists and achieving better patient outcomes is fully recognised in countries such as the US and UK. The barriers preventing a greater use of these technologies in all Irish hospitals needs to be addressed.
AllView Healthcare and Beaumont Crowned Winners of Hospital Project of the Year at the 2023 Irish Healthcare Awards
AllView Healthcare, in collaboration with Beaumont, is delighted to announce its victory at the prestigious 2023 Irish Healthcare Awards, where they were awarded the coveted title of "Hospital Project of the Year."
AllView with Purple House Cancer Support launching their annual report
AllView Healthcare are delighted to be a corporate charity partner for Purple House and are committed to supporting their incredible work in providing essential services and assistance to individuals and families affected by cancer.
AllView Healthcare shortlisted for Irish Healthcare Awards in the category of Hospital Project of the Year
We are proud to announce that, AllView Healthcare, in partnership with Beaumont Hospital, have been shortlisted for the prestigious Irish Healthcare Awards in the category of Hospital Project of the Year.
Eoin O’Reilly from AllView Healthcare reveals how it reduces waiting times for skincare procedures
Eoin O’Reilly from AllView Healthcare joins Karl Fitzpatrick to discuss how the provider can reduce the waiting times associated with accessing dermatology services, the reasons why some hospitals are reluctant to reduce these long waiting lists and its new partnership with Vhi.
Smart Health Summit 2023
Discover the transformative potential of rapid access to skincare with Eoin O’Reilly. In this engaging interview, Eoin highlights the remarkable benefits that a teledermatology system, like the one pioneered by his team, can offer patients in Ireland. Learn how early access to healthcare can lead to healthier outcomes.