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Our Process & Price

Get a rapid and accurate diagnosis for any skin condition, anywhere on your body. Whether it’s moles, lesions, rashes, or acne, our experts can help you.

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+353 1 224 8111

Our Process


Upon arrival at the clinic for your consultation, the Scanning Nurse will record your relevant medical history and complete a series of high definition microscopic and macroscopic images of the skin complaint from your referral, using specialist imaging equipment.

Please note that you will not see the Consultant during this appointment.


The images of your skin complaint, along with the medical history taken by the Scanning Nurse, will be reviewed by an AllView Consultant Dermatologist who will provide results and a treatment plan.


There are 3 possible outcomes from the consultant dermatologist reports:

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No follow-up required

All is well and no intervention is needed. In this case you will receive a call from the AllView GP and an SMS with a direct link where you can view your results.

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A prescription is required

You will receive a call from an AllView GP to discuss the Consultant recommendations and a valid prescription will be issued to you or your pharmacy as required.

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A follow-up consultation

If biopsy / removal / face-to-face consultation with a consultant dermatologist is recommended, Vhi Members will be offered an appointment in the dedicated Dermatology Clinic in Vhi 360 Health Centre Carrickmines within 10 days.

Our price

Teledermatology appointment


Many Vhi plans offer a benefit towards this initial visit, please refer to your consultant benefit on your Table of Benefits.

All patients 14 years old upwards

Rapid access appointment within 10 days
(in 7 days in our Carrickmines clinic / in 10 days in all other clinics nationwide)

Face-to-face appointment with a Registered Nurse at our imaging clinic

Consultant Dermatologist on the Specialist Register in Ireland, diagnosing your condition remotely

Registered GP in Ireland, phoning you directly to discuss and arrange aftercare such as prescriptions or surgery

Digital copy of your results

Invoice for private medical insurance claim

Full aftercare support


Self-referrals from patients will be accepted.​

We understand the importance of the relationships between patients and their GP.

Referrals to our clinic by GPs can be made by Healthlink, Healthmail, direct email, telephone or post to AllView Healthcare Head Office.

Consultants vs Skin Specialist?

Unfortunately today, there are several practitioners who call themselves Dermatologists, Cosmetic Dermatologists or Skin Specialists who have no Specialist training in Dermatology.

Only Consultants who are on the Specialist Consultant Register of the country’s Medical Council and are able to use the AllView Healthcare platform.

All our Consultants are experts in their specialist fields and are registered with the private medical insurance companies.

Teledermatology FAQ’s

A full consultation includes a nurse scanning your skin issue (3 areas of the body) and taking your medical history, then the Consultant Dermatologist reviewing and diagnosing your condition. Following the consultant reviewing your case our medical team (GP or registered nurse) will contact you to discuss the consultants report. A prescription is also included if required, sent to your local pharmacy.

Price is €299.00 – Many Vhi plans offer a benefit towards this initial visit, please refer to your consultant benefit on your table of benefits.

Consultants currently will see a minor age 14 and up.

AllView have a charge of €299 for this consultant-led service. Claim under your consultant benefit. Check your Table of Benefits for details.

We make claiming as simple and stress free as possible. Claim from any device using Snap & Send – it’s quick, easy and paperless.

No, Teledermatology enables the consultant to view skin issue remotely, from another location, following the patients consultation with a clinic nurse.

However, if the consultant dermatologist who reviews your case recommends that a face-to-face consultation or surgical procedure is required, we will contact you to arrange such appointment.

No, when patients present to a clinic using AllView Healthcare technology, They should identify to the clinic nurse the skin issue you want reviewed by the consultant. Patients can have up to 3 single moles, lesions or rash areas checked in a single consultation.

Scans will only ever be read by the Specialist Consultant Dermatologist based in Ireland.

On average it will take 15 – 20 mins, but on occasion may take longer.

Yes, Consultants using the DermView platform can diagnose rashes.

AllView Healthcare does not provide mole mapping, however if clinically required the consultant may call you for a face-to-face appointment for a full skin exam.