AllView Healthcare’s teledermatology enables the patient to receive a rapid, accurate diagnosis from a leading dermatology consultant in Ireland

What is teledermatology

​In teledermoscopy, a specialist can receive digital dermoscopic lesion images through electronic transmission to examine them. AllView is a telediagnostic platform that enables specialists to do this.

​Dermoscopy refers to the technical field of utilising an epiluminescence microscope to view skin lesions in magnification in-vivo. It is especially useful in quickly detecting malignant skin lesions or melanoma.

​The images and medical notes are assessed remotely by Consultant Dermatologists, without having to see the patient in person or via video link.

​Digital dermoscopic images use specialist cameras designed for dermoscopy. As dermoscopy involves the examination of two-dimensional images, it perfectly suits digital imaging and teledermatology.

​Leading Consultant dermatologists, Mohs surgeons, Plastic surgeons, Maxillofacial surgeons, and GPs, are all using the AllView Healthcare platform ensuring the formation of a state-of-the-art system.

Is teledermatology safe?

According to several studies and the American Academy of Dermatology, teledermatology is considered as safe as a face-to-face skin exam.

Teledermatology involves using technology to conduct dermatological consultations and diagnose skin conditions remotely. This can be done through advanced photography electronic communications.

Several studies have shown that teledermatology is equivalent to in-person exams in terms of accuracy of diagnoses and effectiveness of treatment. These studies include a randomised controlled trial in which participants were randomly assigned to either a teledermatology group or an in-person group. The study found that there was no significant difference in the diagnosis or treatment of skin conditions between the two groups.

The American Academy of Dermatology also supports the use of teledermatology and has issued guidelines for its use. The guidelines state that teledermatology can provide high-quality care when used appropriately.

In addition to being safe, teledermatology also has several advantages over traditional dermatology appointments. It can be more convenient for patients who may not have easy access to a dermatologist or who have mobility issues. It can also be more efficient and cost-effective for both patients and providers.

The evidence suggests that teledermatology is a safe and effective way to diagnose and treat skin conditions and is comparable to in-person exams.

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