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Why wait months, if you only have to wait days?

Number of patients treated:26000+

Be smart. Diagnose

Our price: €309 all inclusive.

Our medical service enables patients to receive rapid, accurate diagnosis from leading consultant dermatologists, maxillofacial surgeons and plastic surgeons.

Our dermatology package includes:

Rapid access to appointments within 14 days, and only 10 days for Vhi Members

Registered Nurse

Consultant Dermatologist

Registered GP in Ireland

Guaranteed results within 30 days

Digital copy of your results

Invoice for private medical insurance claim

Full aftercare support

Our Consultants and Doctors are members of:

Patient process

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1. Appointment

We call you to schedule your appointment

Telederm Scan Icon

2. Images scan

Images of problem area are scanned in a nurse-led AllView Healthcare clinic

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3. Diagnosis

Consultant dermatologist diagnoses skin complaint

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4. Results

Results are communicated to the patient and the referring GP.*

*Results may include prescription and further treatment plans, such as a face-to-face appointment with our consultant, or surgery.

Patients’ stories

Patients’ testimonials

  • Amy
    I have struggled with eczema and skin issues all my life and after a recent flare up, I was so relieved to be able to go to AllView - somewhere local, where I was seen quickly and got a consultant's opinion and advice within a matter of days. The staff are just lovely and the location is so accessible. Highly recommend as an alternative to never-ending waiting lists!
  • Neill
    What a great idea. The whole process from the beginning is quick and well run. The initial photo scanning is quick, professional and pleasant. The result of the initial scan was promptly returned, putting you at ease of something being done instead of in limbo. I had a procedure done as a result of this scan by my Consultant Dr Barry at which I felt at ease throughout. I would throughly recommend the whole service.
  • Patrick
    Was referred by my GP to AllView and seen to and dealt with over a three week period but it was only when talking to people with the same issue as myself and hearing stories about 6 month waiting lists that I realised how excellent a service that they provide.