Protecting Your Skin: Insights from Dr. Rebecca Hellen on Dublin City FM
The conversation shed light on the alarming rise in skin cancer cases in Ireland and offered practical advice on how to safeguard our skin against harmful UV rays. The need to protect our skin cannot be overstated. Dr. Hellen emphasized that skin cancer, while highly preventable, can have serious consequences if not addressed early. Protection from UV radiation is the most effective way to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer. This includes daily use of sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and seeking shade during peak sun hours.
International Nurses Day
International Nurses Day, observed on May 12th, is a global celebration that acknowledges the efforts of nurses and care providers worldwide. As a tribute to this special day, the team at AllView decided to take a break and chat with some of our dedicated nurses. We spoke with Katie-Maree, a Nurse at AllView, who shared insights about her career and her thoughts on being a Nurse.
Carmel, 60, Dublin, referral for growth on her arm
Carmel, a 60-year-old Dublin woman, noticed a concerning growth on her arm and visited her GP, who referred her to Beaumont Hospital. Shortly after, a representative from AllView Healthcare (previously DermView) contacted her to schedule a scan and consultant assessment via AllViewView Healthcare Clinic in Carrickmines, Dublin.
Deirdre, 53, Dublin, referral for mole on her back
53 year old Deirdre from Dublin had been on a waiting list for a Dermatology Appointment in Beaumont for over a year, her GP had noticed a mole on her back and had referred her to the public Waiting List in Beaumont.
WLR fm Waterford – Interview with Eoin O’Reilly CEO
Our CEO Eoin O'Reilly on WLR fm last week talking about the challenges of rolling out the DermView Dermatology Services and trying to reach patients in a timely fashion, thanks to WLR fm for the coverage of this important issue within the Healthcare sector.
How a skin blemish led to a doctor and businessman founding medtech company DermView
Businessman Eoin O’Reilly’s firm allows for fast diagnoses of skin cancer and other ailments and the medtech came about after O’Reilly discovered he had a skin condition himself.
Improving access to specialist dermatological services
"Everyone should have rapid access to a specialist dermatology consultant service", writes Michael McHale. That’s the view of DermView, a leading dermatological consultancy, which has worked with hospitals across the country since 2018, seeing more than 10,000 patients with almost 100 melanomas and 600 cancers.
Protect your skin and eyes this winter
It’s that time of year again when some of you lucky folks may be hitting the slopes or indeed heading off for some winter sun, with this in mind it’s equally important to protect your skin and eyes even in the cold, damp and eternally overcast Irish Weather, so here’s our Top 5 Winter Sun-Damage Myths Debunked.