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Protect your skin and eyes this winter
It’s that time of year again when some of you lucky folks may be hitting the slopes or indeed heading off for some winter sun, with this in mind it’s equally important to protect your skin and eyes even in the cold, damp and eternally overcast Irish Weather, so here’s our Top 5 Winter Sun-Damage Myths Debunked.
Late diagnosis, much greater invasive surgery
There are many different types of skin cancer and thankfully, most of them are not life-threatening and can be treated and cured with relatively small procedures. Even the most dangerous type, Malignant Melanoma, is curable if it’s detected in its early stages. However, if a late diagnosis occurs, this may result in a life-threatening situation with a need for invasive surgery and intensive treatment.
An expert says that making sure children don’t get sunburn is “something to be taken seriously”
An expert says that making sure children don't get sunburn is "something to be taken seriously", after a new study revealed the dangers of young people having excess exposure to the sun.