Please ensure that you read this important information about surgeries carefully and familiarise yourself with the following points

Important pre-surgery information

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your procedure.
  • Please bring someone with you on the day, if possible.
  • Your procedure will be performed under local anaesthetic.


If you are on Warfarin therapy we ask that you have your INR checked 2-3 days prior to your surgery date. Your INR level should be less than 3 for your procedure to go ahead.

  • Bring a list of your current medication with you.
  • Note: Please inform us if you are taking any blood thinning medication on prescription.
  • You do not need to fast for this procedure.
  • If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, please bring a snack with you in case there is a delay with the surgical list.
  • Based on the in-person clinical assessment, the surgeon may decide to alter the procedure that was planned following the virtual consultation.

General information

Please ensure that you wear comfortable clothing and your face is clean of any makeup etc.

Due to the nature of surgical lists, unfortunately sometimes lists can run late, we would ask you to be conscious of this and would recommend allowing extra time to allow for any delays.


This appointment will take place in our Vhi360 Health Centre in Carrickmines.

If you are not a Vhi Member, your appointment will take place in the AllView surgical clinic rooms in Lucan.


  • Note: You will have stitches after your surgery – even for a biopsy.
  • Note: You will need to return to the clinic, or to your own GP, 7 days following your procedure to have any stitches removed. This will be arranged on the day of your procedure – please ensure you are available for this appointment and for any other follow up appointments 2-3 weeks post-operation.
  • Do not drive home if having procedures on the face, hand, lower leg / foot because you may have bulky pressure dressings, temporary facial paralysis, or may be unable to perform an emergency stop. You may wish to take the rest of the day off work – although you will be fully fit to work when leaving the clinic.

Histology results

Histology results can take up to 6 weeks to be processed in the laboratory. Once we have your results back, we will contact you to discuss the outcome and further treatment if required.